Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Madness and mayhem with Municipal Waste.

Municipal Waste are gonna FUCK YOU UP! Not if I don’t get there first they won’t. The Wasters are back in the Big Smoke for one week only on an intensive press trip to promote their new banging album, Massive Aggressive and I shall be doing all I can to help earache press girl about town, Miss Talita out as much as possible because not only do we have those troublesome deviants to entertain and bring to the masses but we also have Evile, promoting their new album too! Wowza.

Day two of the week of wrongness is where I am going to pick up from, the day of the Muni’ Waste listening party. WoooHoooo that’s right, partying with the Richmond, Virginia massive! This is a day of extreme heat, extreme amounts of interviews and extreme volumes of booze. Holy shit, this is going to get messy.

First off, this week is full to the brim with early bloody starts. Sleep is not what it should be in this heat, waking up drenched in sweat one minute and too cold cause you opened the window and kicked your sheets off the next is really quite exhausting. Following this I am cycling up to Bloomsbury, where the hotels that are putting the lads and journo’s up are situated. The itinerary is out of control mental, half an hour to an hour slots with one band and then escorted to the next band at the hotel round the corner.

In to the afternoon and I’m walking back to the office. I need to get the Municipal Waste album to The Crobar, find out what drink specials we can get and verify the invoice for the money that is getting put behind the bar. Finally, posters need to be put up about the bar and I need to not look like the sweaty exhausted mess that I actually am.

Once all the interviews are done, we make our way over to the bar only to find it’s kinda empty at this time. The listening party doesn’t officially start till 7 pm and it’s an hour till then so Tony and Ryan of Muni’ Waste fuck off elsewhere for a while, recovering from an intense day ready for a night of carnage and hanging out with friends and followers.

My job for the evening is to film, record and photograph the whole messy affair. That is my brief and I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling a bit out of my depth, lost if you will! See, it’s still early. It’s still daylight! So I start by filming the front of the Crobar, which looks a bit gash what with it not being night but hey ho. Then I film the wristband on someone’s wrist which is pretty sweet and says ‘i'm a ligger give me booze’. Then I get the poster advertising tonight. Then I get some of the patrons, who are too sober and look like rabbits in headlights at this point in the evening when faced with a camera. Then I, then I’m stumped mate. There’s just not much to film at this point. It just hasn’t properly started. Yet!

Once people start arriving however, the filming comes along nicely, I’m hanging back until they seem to have consumed an efficient amount of booze that they make for more interesting footage. A mega turnout has ensured that the vibe is banging and everyone is shouting and mingling and chucking beer down their throats all the while talking about Municipal Waste and such related topics. Sweet!

Eveyone who is anyone is there, and all are fully into the banging album been played on 11. There are Waste t-shirts all over the shop, head banging and fists pumping in the air.

Then it happens. The camera dies. Shit shit fucking shit. Out comes mine and onwards and upwards with more filming. ( I will later completely forget about this until it comes to long after the editing of the first camera footage is done, when I’m going through footage on my laptop of the night and realise with horror my epic mistake)

I hang out and catch up with a whole bunch of cool cats, the famed Digby of Earache records, the Terrorizer crew, Crobar friends, Mutant…I even try to start a circle pit with Mutant, didn’t go too well with only three people shockingly.

Everyone is pretty trashed and although I managed to refrain from getting plastered until around 10.30 pm, I suddenly out of no where have one of those epiphanies. I’m fucking drunk. So was everyone, early start and a free bar will do that. Digby had gone AWOL, Ryan had done a bunk and Tony was catching up with all his Crobar mates at the bar. Everyone else is wasted and wildly gesticulating with their arms as they shout their conversations at each other in drunken abandonment. Within half an hour we were done for, totally wiped out and very aware that tomorrow would still be boiling hot and would still be full to the brim with interviews.

Added to this we had some new and rather alarming information come to light. Tomorrow would be the Crobar birthday celebrations. Shit, shit fucking shit that is going to be an out of this world filth monger of a night. Tony, Ryan and I can see it in each other’s tired and weary eyes. We are so not missing that party for the world. Dammit. It’s all gonna go horribly wrong!

But before bed can be considered, we eat. A bunch of us do a runner to China Town on some drunken food binge crusade type mission led primarily by the Terrorizer magazine crew. Trouble them lot I tell you. Soon enough there is all manner of staggering down the road going on, heckling and slurring. I kinda feel sorry for the poor Chinese restaurant that got us, mind you we were very well behaved. We just ordered a whole heap of food, far too much, eyes were definitely bigger than our tummies and talked about Municipal Waste like the geeks we are.

We chowed down, pissed about a bit, chewed the cud and chucked the left over’s in a doggy bag for Tom from Mutant, who’s brother Josh had joined us. A stagger back and we try to get in the spirit, in the swing of it all but we are beat and that mass of food has tipped us over the edge. Before you can blink I’m on my bike cycling as fast as my weary legs can take me to my little bed where I can pass out cold for a good nights sleep, only to dream about interviews and hotels and circle pits in hotels during interviews!Phew.

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