Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hellfest Festival. Clisson, France. Oh dear...Part 2.

Early to rise Friday morning. Well in rock n roll land it is. We are on site by 10 am and it’s already buzzing backstage with crew, I’m excited cause a lot of my friends are due to turn up today but for now we have been spotted by Pascel and are drafted to various bands and jobs. We are free from more Motley Crue bullshit until later in day when Beth turns up and knowing how demanding she is, go about trying to get as much done everywhere else before hand.

Alas is pissed it down last night and most of the hard work and little details that were carried out yesterday for the Crue have been ruined by the rain. Ha! Fuckin funny, dunno why, I’ll be the twat having to re-do it all. Still my heart is joyful for a minute looking at the mild destruction of their little home away from home!

On with the business at hand. Heaven and Hell! Talita is obsessed with Dio and so is totally on that from the get go. Barr stocking the fridges and arranging fruit and the like I don’t think I had much to do with them. They certainly didn’t seem anywhere in the region of demanding like Crue. Each member had their own dressing room and a couple of them are totally T-Total.

Massive containers are the first thing to be rolled in when the travelling circus that is the tour bus turns up. The ones put in the dressing rooms open up in to little closets, reminding me of the Barbie houses you could fold up and carry away. Of course I touched the clothes. Nikki Sixx’s, Dio’s etc. Very much in a look both ways ,shoot your hand out and then withdraw it back behind your back whistling and looking about you as you go about your work. Totally shifty really. God’s honest truth, I expected some one to jump out at me and scold me and send me to prison forever and ever!

As I mentioned I had expected many of my friends to turn up today, some from back home that I often hang out with and some who I only see when they are touring. Orange Goblin arrived with Steve of the Crobar and Nathan, ex Capricorn drummer and waster like myself at some point. Those guys are like a shinning light to a religious fanatic if your me cause it means only one thing…time to get fucked up! They are all seasoned Pro’s like myself. Bring it on. Iv’e already started making use of my drinks tokens and of course the free red wine cartons at lunch in the crew mess tent. Between the two I’m buzzing a bit. My first drink of the day is kindly poured in some splitter van by a guy who I should know the name of, who’s band was playing that day, Karma to burn maybe? He ran off to get me a large Jack and coke while I was labouring away for Crue and actually did bring one back with him! What a legend!

This morning, when I thought it would be raining all day, I took a piece of advice given to me by an O.G in touring that you should always wear flip flops cause then you won’t be wandering around in wet shoes all day. So here I am, late Friday afternoon in me flip flops with the biggest blisters I have ever experienced. I end up hobbling around with a bandage wrapped around one foot keeping the plaster in place simply because it’s so dusty the last 3 plasters have fallen clean off soon after application. Drink of course helps stave too much pain off. Medicinal.

New friends surprisingly included Buck Cherry. I say surprisingly cause it didn’t cross my mind to ask what band or capacity they were there in was. Not until much later in the day was it bought to my attention who these silly beggers that I’d been knocking about with were. I don’t know why I never swapped contact details with them, they were mega fun and fingers crossed we will cross paths again in the future for more drinking shenanigans. In the meanwhile, we watched Motley Crue from the side of the stage and took stupid photos together to document what we will probably all forget due to excessive drinking at some point. Excessive drinking and an apple pipe. One would imagine. I would certainly speculate at any rate!

Another new favourite person I met was Pat from Eye hate god. What a fucking legend. We are definitely cut from the same raggedy cloth of over excess. I was introduced to him and within minutes we were pissing about like old buddies at a reunion. He reminded me very much of Brent from Mastodon, who was also due to arrive at some point soon.

Artists that I had hung with several times before over the last couple of years that I was over the moon to see were Nashville Pussy for sure, and Mastadon, both fantastic revellers and hell raisers. Sweet.

By the night time I was so fucking over Motley Crue and Beth’s demands. I wasn’t holding it against them, she is a doll and I understood the thought process behind the madness but it wasn’t for me. I was sick to the back teeth of running around for these pouncy bloody artists and their ridiculous needs. I have absolutely no interest in it at all. When Motley Crue pitched up and I, along with anyone else who was in the VIP tent area was turfed out, very improperly like we are groupie stalker scum. I couldn’t fucking believe it. It veered on humiliating to be honest with you. I could give two shits about meeting any of Motley Crue, further more they were utter shit on stage, I watched about 3 songs before I got got bored and wandered off to see wa blow elsewhere.

I find my own Motley crew and proceed to get wasted with them and generally hang out and have an awesome time in their company.

So Friday night finds me pissed off, fed up, in agony and totally and undeniably over it. Bad luck for me really cause I got two days left.

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