Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Legacy magazine 10 yr Anniversary party.

I really did not want to go to Germany. I mean I really didn’t want to go. A party with Germans when I can’t speak German, being a typical Brit. Four days of living from a camper van, while being on my period. A line up consisting of mostly bands I have never heard of. Minimal pay. I so did not want to go. See, on top of that, the week leading up to the trip bought me more and more invitations to some sweet gigs and a few birthday parties that would definitely be rocking. Damn did I not want to go.

Turns out, Germany fucking killed it! Yes that is right, I was sad to leave London but I was even sadder to Leave East Germany and come back, which is weird ‘cause East Germany is pretty much a dump. But you see, find a massive car park with some fields around it in the middle of nowhere and fill it with 5000 crazy European Metal fans, a couple of food stalls and many beer tents, all pulled together by Legacy magazine celebrating 10 years of reporting on metal madness and guess what you get? A fucking no holds barred, drunk 24/7, constant metal of all sorts from all round the world manic fucked up party spanning 3 days and 3 nights hanging with people who out of their heads and crazy for the Metal! Sweet!

I got to travel there in style, me and Talita flew from Luton to Berlin, then walked to the train station where Talita spotted some Metal boys who showed us damsels in distress which tickets to get and took us to the platform we needed and became our travel buddies along with their friends. They practiced their English and we drank Jack Daniels and Coke from cans!

After dumping our stuff and getting our glad rags on at the guest house we would be staying in for the next two nights it was taxi ride and Bam...Legacy party time!

Within three minutes of stepping out from the taxi we were surrounded by men(Women in Metal are scarce..winner! ), a couple of photographers who looked like they were trying to figure out if we were in a band or famous ( we were by the end of the weekend! ) and being grilled by the promoter who was the most fantastic sight you ever could see. She looked the spit of Carrie in Stephen King’s Carrie and was wearing white fishnets, the tightest shortest, high waist jeans shorts and a skid row t-shirt knotted in to a midriff the pissing rain! After getting bored of us she scuttled off like a little weasel leaving us in complete awe at her total wrongness. Wow.

We are met by Bjorn, a journalist from Legacy magazine and good friend of Talita, who spent the rest of the night introducing us to everyone and plying us with booze. We love Bjorn. He is the best ever. Later on that night the Earache Merch crew consisting of Ben, Lyoll and Morgan rolled on in riding their camper van and we all continued getting trashed and mingling our little hearts out. I’m not gonna lie. There was all manner of drunken shenanigans. Vomit, passing out and making out with randoms, you name it, we covered it. The Brits have arrived.

Next day of course...very painful. Still we are soldiers to the cause and battled through the morning and got the stall set up. Oh who am I kidding, me and Talita didn’t hit the site till after lunch on the reasoning that we would have to be up late again this evening doing more schmooze work. Not entirely sure the boys bought it but hey ho. Turns out they had a bloody nightmare time. The spot they were designated was flooded. The power they had paid for not there. Hangovers all over the shop and general exhaustion following the previous day of driving from the U.K to Eastern Germany.

Needless to say the stall got erected eventually and set up adequately and the selling began. As did some god awful Metal bands that continued all day and all sounded exactly the same as the last one. Thursday evening approached, drinks were downed once more and suddenly everything looked a bit more colourful and warm and fuzzy...cannot for the life of think why.

Round two. We only went and did it again. Everyone was back on the sauce, taking turns on the stall which stayed open till midnight when the ticket holders get turfed out and the bands finish. We had definitely made leaps and bound since our arrival with regards to our social networking skills and so always had one person or another dropping by the stall and hanging out with their beverages and stories. By the time Talita and I fell in to the taxi to take us back to the guest house, Bjorn in tow, equally wasted who was staying with the rest of the Legacy Massive in the same place, I was so out of my tree that the whole driving on the other side of the road was proper freaking me the fuck out. Of course I was completely aware that it was just me being wrecked but shit it messed with my head like bad acid. Some knock down ginger later and we locate Bjorn’s room and pass over the responsibility of him to his mates and stagger off upstairs passing out soon as we hit the pillow.

Tomorrow Talita has to get back to the U.K and Take Care of Business, leaving me with three boys, a camper van and Legacy Festival for two more days. Hmmmm...Worrying.

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