Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The night before...all was still and quiet..

So. Here's how the land lies. Tomorrow morning (BTW,  the word morning makes me vomit in my mouth) when I leave my flat I will have sleeping bag, travel bag and laptop with me in the hope that my boss at the pub I work in lets me off my Saturday night shift behind the bar, so that I can leap and bound like an Andrex puppy in to one of two splitter vans that will be carrying California's Bonded By Blood and Canada's Cauldron to five lucky venues situated around this fair Island that is the U.K. It will be a no frills tour. Everyone will have caught my cold by the end of it. I probably will have been sacked.

Whatev's. Right now, as I type, both bands are flying over the pond on route to what is totally gonna be the week of wrongness that went full circle to right! Not just right in fact, but righteousness! Sure there will be illness, injuries, aches and the like. But, holy fuck this is going to be the best five metal drenched, crazed tom foolery days for certain and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I'm there along for the ride.

I am but a short hop skip and a leap to the adventure of a lifetime. The short hop, skip and a leap consisting of the following 20 hours in which I need to sort my laptop out, do clothes washing, pack, finish up mundane bits and bobs, move appointments, get weekend work cover, work and stop being ill. You know what them lot across the pond are like, freak out at the sniffles bless 'em. Oh and sleep. And then...Metal heaven . I can't wait for Wednesday and the best part of Thursday to fuck right off! MetaaAAAAALLLLLL!

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