Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sleeping, driving and Metal mayhem

woOP WOOOO...I totally got cover for my shift at the pub I work in for my Saturday night behind the bar so I am off on tour! Genius!

I finish at five, by which time Olivia of the Crobar has turned up following band practice and we proceed to get drunk and changed for the SSS / Cancer Bats gig at The Underworld. Talita of Earache Records comes by with Bonded By Blood ( referred to as BBB from this point on ) and Cauldron, and off we all go to cause trouble and mayhem on masse! The gig fucking rocks and after the SSS boys hang out upstairs in the Worlds End with BBB and Cauldron and an amateur wrestling match ensues. Then off to the Crobar for Jager Bombs and more metal. Everyone is passed out dotted around Talita's place by 3 am ready for the 6 am wake up call to load up and hit the road.

Too soon, the drivers arrive. Lukas and Marcin from Poland. They look proper dodge and so do the vehicles we will be traveling in. To add to this discomfort, the battery to one of the vans is dead 'cause the boys didn't turn the lights off so we spend forever trying to jump start the engine. On top of this, Lukas tells us that the brakes on one one the vans are shot to shit. An air of unrest is sitting heavily amongst everyone.

Turns out there was nothing to worry about at all! We were soon on the road and after five minutes it's obvious the brakes will see us through for a couple of days till they can be fixed. We stop to fill up the tanks and off we go. Music for the road is provided through our driver, Marcin's ipod via a static radio station and fortunately he has the same taste in Metal as us so everyone's a winner. Sleep is interspersed with service station stops, where band members throw up after a night of heavy drinking followed by short, bad sleep and a full day driving, mucking about with the music and trying to find reception for the music. Oh, and more sleep!

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