Thursday, 24 June 2010

Evile Infecting Nations 2010 tour. Part 4.

Dude so I got to bed fucking early last night ( 4am ) and wasn’t drunk but still didn’t wake up till noon today. What a lazy bastard I am. On the up side…we in Glasgow innit bruv! Fuckin’ love Glasgow! Last time I was here was with Bonded By Blood and Cauldron and I had the best time. Plus, Lyall lives here. Plus, Evile have always had a blinding time here. WIN.

First stop after the usual ritual of falling out of the bunk and chucking jacket and boots over track suit I’ve slept on, is cross the road to The Goose pub to grab some grub and use their bathroom facilities. I get the Sunday roast, ‘cause apparently it’s Sunday, who’d of guessed mate honestly, no idea what day it is. Kevill gets some pie shit and The Fading get told to leave ‘cause they are wearing tracksuit bottoms? I mean dude I get this rule if it’s evening time but it’s fucking noon. Jeez get a grip Goose staff. Needless to say they end up changing and coming back. I chow down, food doesn’t hit the sides style and get my skaggy self upstairs to fix up.

I bump in to Adam outside the bus and we have a quick jaunt to Superdrug to pick up some shampoo and then I have a fucking blinding ‘me time’ style browse round Fopp wishing that I had money to burn. A massive book later it’s back to the bus lounge to work on some writing while Laux plays the Blues C.D he bought at Fopp. I finally finish a blog and get to post it, which is immense ‘cause it took a lot to get that fucker down. I feel a massive wave of relief and bum around for the next hour setting up my merch stand, getting changed and slutting myself up.

Matt read my blog ‘cause I’m stressing about it again and says that he thinks it’s good and flows better than the other ones I’ve done, awwww bless him. So I hate it and he likes it, which is good enough for me and will have to do ‘cause it’s up now eh! I write some more blog shit, pour a drink and hit the stand just as doors open.

Sales start immediately and are fucking amazing from the offset and the verdict is in, Glasgow Cat House rules. And by the by, I seem to have got myself a security fan club going which can only ever be a win situation right?! A couple of them are actually cute as well. Fuck yeah I can see some quality flirting time coming my way.

I took myself off to grab a sarnie and pour a drink and got to meet one of Evile’s fans that had been following my blog on Terrorizer on the last tour. It has amazed me how many people have come up to me over the last week and asked if I’m Merch girl and complimented me on my writing. It also throws me when they talk about my last blog after Mike’s death and how choked up it got them. This bloke in front of me was welling up, it was proper intense and I felt really bad ‘cause I had to get back to the stall. Made a real mark though.

All the bands played a fucking amazing show that night for sure, the whole night and everyone in it was in sync to be their most awesome gnarly thrashness including the people who came to the show. The Warbringer fans were funny as fuck, the guys signed the usual tickets and C.D’s and also got to sign some white high tops, which I thought was fucking genius! The stall did so well we had to replenish it with Evile stuff during the evening and by the time I wrapped it up, it was clear that it was the best sales night yet and time to get trashed to celebrate! Jager test tube shots backstage courtesy of the lovely Jager people who sponsor Evile’s merch and the party had officially started.

Get this though, The Warbringer lot and The Fading lot don’t want to come out? I think we broke them, we being me and Lyall obviously. So off we trot, and sure enough within the next hour the usual suspects are out on masse and it all goes pear shaped as we know and love it to.
The 3am bus call is met, with a motley crew of drunk fucks aboard it having danced and drank the night away, and I fall asleep in my bunk all snuggled up looking out my little window at the dawn rising over the beautiful Scottish landscapes.

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