Thursday, 24 June 2010

evile Infecting Nations 2010 tour. Part 6.

So far, Manchester has been awesome. Yesterday was our day off and I got to bum about all day with Adam and John Laux from Warbringer. We had brunch at a mediocre student pub since we are bang slap in the middle of the university student land and then went for a wander up to the centre but only got as far as the first music shop. We spent the following couple of hours looking at instruments and the guys had a go on some beautiful guitars. Fucking geeks.
We headed back to the bus in time for my big bro’ to come pick me up and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my niece and nephew, aged two and five, eating barbecued jerk chicken and being tattooed by them with biro all up my arms.

Back to the bus and I’m drunk having put the little fragils to bed and knocked back a bottle of wine with my brother and sister in law, and after a fail of an attempt to find somewhere good to party I end up hanging out in the kitchen of the bus with Lyall, doing work and listening to anything but Thrash. I’m talking The Grit and the Dirty Dancing sound track. Ha! What? Don’t give a fuck. I was pretty drunk having said that. Jager sponsors Evile’s merch, so we have plenty of the wonderful nectar on the bus and are managing quite happily to cane a bottle a night at this point.

Having woken up the next day, me and Ol hit the same generic pub for grub and poo time. Unfortunately we do not miss load in, so that’s next. I set up the merch stall, another fucking hallway. The dressing room is forever away and the shower is a floor down from the dressing room. Still used it though since I never did get round to getting a bath at my Bro’s place ‘cause I was too busy getting pissed with him. A bad fake tan spray follows, which I will not know was bad till the next day when I wake up with soiled looking arms and hands, and back to the merch stand to realise, to my delight that I am down a hallway that no one even needs to walk through to get from the entrance to the stage. Fucking great. This is going to go well.

I have stocked up because the pre-sales were outstanding but I’m dubious as to how well I can do on merch sales when I might as well be in another fucking building. The security guy fucks me off as well, stared at me the whole time I’m setting the stall out. Fucking sex pest. I couldn’t even set up till late because the area had students walking around so I would have had to just sit there for an hour after. So I’m rushing to get everything sorted on the shittest merch stand ever to date, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before but this is the new winner.
On the upside I get to see Dan Brown, a friend of mine who did work at Earache, which is rad ‘cause he’s a real little sweetie and I can trust him on the stall while I go for toilet breaks or ciggies.

To be quite honest with you, what can I say about Manchester. I was down a hallway on my own, bored shitless. I made good sales for the bands. I was bored. I was bored. I was bored. Very fucking bored. Even Vodka and Coke couldn’t alleviate my boredom. I nicked me some Warbringer merch to butcher with some scissors and rock out in on another night. I packed up. I went to bus then went to bunk. Laters.

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