Thursday, 24 June 2010

evile Infecting Nations 2010 tour. Part 7.

Today we find ourselves in Nottingham, home of Thrash metal label Earache, the label that had the good foresight to sign Evile and put them on tours like this one! This is almost as exciting as getting to see my family in Manchester, me and Ol are up and changed quick smart so we can stroll on down to the Earache HQ and say hi to everyone.

Earache HQ is like a boys dream office. It is floor to ceiling Thrash C.D’s and posters and all sorts of cool bits and bobs. If you are lucky you can get to go in the stock room and grab a few t-shirts or C.D’s too. Tis a dream grotto in there, everything from Napalm Death stuff to Muni’ Waste, Iron monkey and of course Evile, stacked up high, wall to wall. I want to sleep in there.
Hugs and hello’s all round and the next half hour is spent talking business, Matt and Lyall came too so we get to go over merch sales, stock needed, tour itinerary and general queries about the up coming dates.

Digby himself gets out of a meeting and takes us to lunch at Pizza Express where the shop talk continues which is fine with everyone ‘cause we are totally loving what we are doing. The only time the re was silence at the table was when our food came which was for the most part massive pizzas. We say our goodbyes till this evening when the office will be coming to the gig pretty much on masse, and get our food coma arses back to the bus to load in. I have just eaten the most amazing pasta dish of life, I’m so sleepy I’m finding it massively hard to keep my eyes open. I’m getting tired just thinking back on it.

John Laux is jammin’ away on his own in some random part of the cold and empty venue so I go and hang out with him for a bit and shut my eyes for five minutes while I listen to his electric guitar. Could’ve stayed there all day but rumour has it this place has a washing machine so I pull myself up and get to the bus to gather my dirty laundry together with everyone else.
Merch will be found gaffa taped to brick tonight, in a relatively well lit back corner of the main area, where if I stand on the bench running the length of it, I can watch the whole show. Sweet. I get all ready and go next door to the rescue Rooms for dinner with Joel, Ol and Adam. Adam went to the oldest pub in Britain today, apparently it was fucking awesome and I’m kinda bummed I won’t get a chance to check it out for myself. I don’t get time to finish my dinner so take half of out in a doggy bag and race back to the venue to get on the merch stand, which Lyall has been covering for me while I eat.

A funny little constant puff of dry smoke is coming out from the top of the venue, left side of the stage, which in it’s pointlessness makes me laugh throughout the evening, and Kevill comes and entertains me heaps with his abundance of energy and brilliant Americanisms and all the silly shit we have made up in the last week. He never calls me Lucy but instead has christened me Lusar, which always puts a smile on my face and we go in to our stream of bullshit talk about FIB, a made up club him and Matt from Evile came up with on the first night who’s motto has over the last week become ‘Strength unt Honour’, said with meaning , purpose, German accent and fist in the air. You will never know what FIB stands for alas, that one stays on the bus.

Sales have started off well enough and The Fading are playing a fucking brutal set. The crowd are definitely in to them and they are getting stronger each show they play. I get a shout out ‘cause they can see me and Kevill up on the tables and chairs pumping our fists along with them and all is happy and well in the land of Thrash tonight.

So the bands played really fucking well tonight but the merch sales were wank. This a weird anomaly that happens now and again and totally bums me out for the next 24 hours until I get to do another merch stand and do better. It never fails to stress me out and I spend hours trying to figure out if it’s just that everyone is broke , in which case they could buy a sticker for a quid or a lighter for two or even a patch for three. Or is it ‘cause the merch stand looks shit? Everything laid out neatly and in an organised fashion though? Is it ‘cause they are spending all their money on booze? Joel say’s that the average gig goer will take 30 quid to a gig. Of that they will probably spend half of it on booze and save a fiver for getting home. So by rights each person has a tenner to spend on merch. So why the fuck are they not dammit? Stressed. And I’m pretty sure a kid nicked a lighter too the little fuck.

Still, I got to replenish the Evile hoodies when Earache brought them down. That’s how blah I feel about the merch tonight, excitement at more stock. What a gay. It was a fucking sick night with the Earache massive. Of course we got pretty steaming in the dressing rooms after the show, courtesy of our lovely friend Jager again and it was cool to hang out with friends and not get rushed out of the venue.

We hung out for ages and hit the club for a bit of stupid dancing to Emo. I nearly got in a fight at the bar with some lone dodgy Asian dude, and shoved him flying in to the people on his other side when he continued to act like a sex pest twat and bother me relentlessly. Then I had a row with the toilet attendant lady ‘cause she wouldn’t give me any bog roll without me giving her money. WTF? Bitch. Then I went with Adam and Joel and Lyall to the rave area and lo and behold bumped straight in to sex pest man again. At this point I grounded myself to the bus for fear of flying of the handle and kicking off properly. Everyone in that place seemed to be a complete cock that, since I am capable of humility, means it was probably me! Tut tut, off to bed.

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