Thursday, 24 June 2010

Evile Infecting Nations 2010 tour. Part 8.

Evile will be playing Leeds today, which is as good as a home gig for them. The last time any of us were at this venue was for Mike’s memorial tribute show. Mike’s family and friends are coming tonight and I think it’s fair to say that there are nerves and sad feelings all about us.
Every day of this tour each of us has spoken about Mike, about how we keep expecting to see him, and the stabbing pain that quickly follows when you realise that of course, he isn’t coming out to smoke, or drink or help load in or eat with us or sound check or any of those things. Some of us see him in our dreams, that are so close to reality, like just dreaming about mundane day to day activities that when they wake up, they have to check themselves for a minute and remember that it was just a dream.

The Evile fans have been amazing, they are so supportive and sympathetic. Matt says a little something every night on stage and they play Mike’s song every night. He introduces Joel and the gig goes on. I guess I’m nervous tonight that some one will say something tactless to Joel, or that Mike’s family and friends get really upset seeing the band play without Mike, this is going to be a tough one for everyone I guess. Still, the show must go on.

Showers and food and setting up aside, we are surrounded by lots of friends tonight, and they turn up in dribs and drabs throughout the day. The most exciting and amazing visit however was easily won by a certain Miss Zeva Lilly and mum Hannah. At just a week old, we get to meet Joel’s adorable little new born girl in all her tiny glory! She is so cute I really had to hold myself back not to kick her carry case ‘by accident’ just so that she would wake up. My girl slept through Ben drum checking! She was in the hallway but still, little champ was like whatever Uncle Ben I’m sleeping! Awwwww bless her little tiny….I have got to shut up, jeez get a grip I don’t even fucking like kids. She was proper cute though.

Tony Drake came down early too and it was awesome to catch up with my ‘adoptive Dad’, he used to do the merch when Evile were starting up and so I can talk shop with him endlessly! Fucking blinding guy, could hang out with him all day listening to stories. I definitely have that whole ‘don’t want to let him down’ thing going on too though so I feel a bit star struck unworthy at the same time.

Sales are of the hook from doors open and Leeds proves to be the best merch night for all three bands by the end of the night. By a long shot. Fuck yes Leeds. I even get me some glamorous assistants throughout the night to keep me company and help out which is fucking rad and I’m over the moon to get some quality girl time in having spent the last week living with 15 men.
It was really nice to hang out with mike’s best mate too, although outside talking about him got me all welled up and the tears were never far off throughout that night. A tough night for everyone for sure. Joel found people couldn’t look him in the eye, Mike’s best mate had a hard time listening to people who had met Mike at gigs talking about him like they were best mates and mike’s family were amazing throughout the evening, talking to Joel and supporting the band. If I’m honest I was glad to pack up and get on the bus by the end of it. Me, Matt, Joel and Adam watched Clockwork Orange and passed round a bottle of Jager over greasy kebabs as the bus pulls off and we make our way to the next stop, Bristol.

By the time the next film is put on, Poltergeist, I’m tired and bummed out after listening to talks of Europe and how the guys are going to handle the merch stand since I am not able to join them outside of the U.K. Our current bus, which is big enough has to go back to the garage to be re-furnished, and the next bus will be smaller. To travel round Europe, each person has to have a legal and designated sleeping area and the downsize of the bus means less bunks and so unfortunately there won’t be room for me. This has been an on going up in the air situation since the start of the tour and it burns me thinking about having to get off at the end of the U.K leg.

I have made such good friends already within Warbringer and The Fading and will sorely miss all of them when we part ways in four days. All depressed, I take myself off to bunk and fall asleep listening to music, watching the road through my little bunk window.

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